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  1. General

The service company offers the services listed in the appendix according to the state of the art and with the care of an entrepreneur. This with the best possible protection of the interests of the customer.

  1. General provisions

    1. Terms of Service

The general terms and conditions, which are posted, apply to all services and deliveries of goods by the service companies.

Unless otherwise agreed, these terms and conditions are an essential part of the contract between the service company and the customer.

  1. Placing an order
    1. In principle, the order placed is recorded in an order form. The services to be provided are precisely described there. The customer receives a copy.
  1. Prices / Cost estimation

    1. The prices, as shown on the notice, apply.
    2. If the service company announces the prices that are likely to be charged orally or in writing, the following applies:

Unless a binding price has been agreed, the cost estimates are not guaranteed within the meaning of Section 5 (2) Koscho. The cost estimates are non-binding in this respect and the customer has to accept unforeseen cost overruns of up to 10% of the fixed fee.

If it should be the case that the costs are exceeded, the service company will – as far as possible – notify the customer beforehand. The service company and the customer will then determine the further process by mutual agreement.

  1. Service / delivery of goods
  1. Dates

    1. The service company will, as far as possible, meet the agreed deadlines for completion / delivery.

If unforeseen circumstances occur which make it impossible to meet the deadlines, the service company will name a new date for the service / delivery.

The service company will, as far as possible, inform the customer about delays in the appointment.

  1. Payment

    1. Basically, the prices apply as per the notice. Unless – see cost estimation – something else would be agreed.
      The customer must pay the final amount according to the invoice immediately upon receipt of the same. The terms of payment result from the notice of the service company.

The service company is entitled to request a reasonable advance payment when placing the order.

    1. The customer can only offset against claims of the service company if the counterclaim is undisputed or if there is a legally binding title.
  1. Delivery of goods

    1. If goods are delivered within the scope of the contract with the service company, all goods delivered remain the property of the service company until all claims have been met in full. These goods may only be used or consumed when the customer has settled the claims. Pledging or selling after suspension of payments is not permitted. Attachments must be reported to the service company.
  1. Complaints

The customer should report defects as soon as possible. The obligation to notify defects according to the UGB applies to entrepreneurs.

  1. Place of performance / place of jurisdiction

If the customer is not a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, the court at the service company’s headquarters is solely responsible for all disputes. In the case of consumers, the court in whose district the customer’s place of residence, habitual residence or place of employment is located is responsible. If the customer relocates his place of residence, habitual residence, or place of employment abroad after conclusion of the contract, the prior mentioned court remains responsible.