Your reliable specialist for garden maintenance

Mowing the lawn, raking leaves, watering. When it comes to garden maintenance in Vienna and the surrounding area, clean and more is your reliable and competent partner with years of experience. Our employees are active all year round to clean gardens, lawns, terraces and parks and to prepare them properly for the change of seasons.

We are active for you from spring to winter

During the entire year, there is a lot to be done in the garden, which we will gladly take on professionally and cheaply for you.

In summer we cut the bushes, mow the lawn and gently clean sidewalks, planters and garden furniture with professional high-pressure cleaners or with a broom. Upon request, we will renew the sand in the sandpit and take care of keeping your garden tools ready for use. We are also happy to take over cleaning work on paths, buildings or the garden pond for you and thus ensure that you have more free time.
When autumn comes, prepare your garden for winter, cover garden furniture, stow away.

And even in winter we are at your side with words and deeds when it comes to garden maintenance. We sweep up autumn leaves and dead wood and dispose of it properly for you. So that your garden is optimally prepared for the coming spring when the garden cycle starts again.

Leave your garden maintenance to us and lean back and relax, because we will take care of all the work around your garden. We also make sure that everything grows, flourishes and blooms during your absence and vacation times, and we carry out all gardening work on the agreed dates and to the desired extent.

Why is Clean and More the first choice ?

    • Fair price

      Our goal is high-quality care at a fair price. We will make you an individual offer.

    • Quality

      Our team has many years of professional experience and always works with the latest technology.

    • Reliability

      Your property is in good hands with us, our team takes care of maintenance quickly and reliably.

Price plan

Pool cleaning

including travel expenses
€ 336,- Fixed price
Housekeeping on vacation

including travel expenses
€ 79,- per round of inspection
Apartment cleaning*
€ 30,- per hour
Garden maintenance*
€ 30,- per hour
Travel expenses

Arrival and Departure
€ 49,-
Winter service
by arrangement
All prices are inclusive of VAT.
*If you use our services for more than 3 hours, there are no travel costs.